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November 2018
Summary of the meeting with the IC of Monaco

Summary of the meeting with the IC of Monaco


At the request of our club’s directive, I took over, as a substitute, the organization and team captain duties.  From the preliminary list of interested players, many cancelled their participation, thus the finalisation of the participants’ list was only achieved after numerous exchanges of telephone calls and e-mails.

I recommended the air transportation and hotel selections taking into consideration the suggestions of Tamas Matuscsak, who earlier worked in Monte Carlo for several years. Thus, the participants made their choices based on what was most appropriate for each of them.

Participant, escort status, age category

Janos Almai-player 65+

Judit Farago-escort

Ferenc Pohly-player 75+ 

Mrs  Zoltan Gal-escort

Robert Patkai-player 70+

Agnes Toth-escort

Miklos Vecsei-player 70+

Agnes Abraham-escort

Adam Jerney-player 75+

Mrs Adam Jerney-escort

Zsuzsa Turi-player 55+

Matyas Nagy-player 60+

Anita Futacs-player 45+

Istvan Molnar-team captain,player 60+

Travel and accommodation

The team travelled in various groups, some by airplane on Thursday and Saturday, some by car.  Everybody was satisfied with their accommodation.

Program arrangements

I coordinated the team’s arrival times, as well as the detailed match program, with Yves Salaun, the secretary of the Monaco IC, which worked out perfectly.

Summary of the meeting

Saturday matches

The start of the first meeting, unfortunately, was made a bit difficult as several players, myself included, arrived on the Saturday morning flight and, though our hotel bookings were on time, difficulties with transport, communications and other problems caused us to arrive at the courts 15 minutes late.  Due to the hot weather, the two teams played a few singles, but mostly doubles and mixed doubles matches.

From the Hungarian side, Miklos Vecsei in singles, I.Molnar/F. Pohly in mens doubles and Zs.Turi/R.Patkai in mixed doubles won matches.The remaining 5 matches were won by the hosts.

After the matches, per the agreed program, we showered at the club, changed into our evening clothes which we had brought with us, and, with the help of Monaco club members, we went by car to the Aurora restaurant, located at the other side of the harbour.

Saturday’s dinner

The dinner was very tasty, of great variety, with large portions typical Italian cuisine, complemented with delicious cheeses and wines.  Following the good humoured dinner, I thanked Yves, as well as the Monaco club’s members, for their most cordial hospitality and, per a previous agreement, I invited them to come to Hungary in 2020.As a surprise,Agnes Toth also thanked ,in French, for the Monaco IC’s invitation.


We began the Sunday matches at 10 am but, unfortunately, this was halted due to a truly tragic event which took place.  After 20 minutes of play, Miklos Vecsei, from the Vecsei/Pohly doubles team, collapsed and, without promising any good, fell lifeless on his back.  This incident, naturally, shook up everybody.  We watched in awe the quick actions of a pair of Monaco members (with the  help a defillibrator) and subsequently, thanks to the immediate action of Yves, the efforts of the ambulance team who arrived 10 minutes later.  Following more than an hour of exhaustic work, Miklos was taken to the renowned local heart hospital. The club’s director maintained constant contact with the hospital and kept us informed of the developments. As it turned out, it was not a heart attack but an earlier known problem with a heart valve.  Since then, Miklos was twice operated in Monaco, which ended well.  Currently he is at home, taking rehabilitation treatment at the heart hospital in Balatonfured and is just waiting to be able to play tennis again.

In agreement with Yves, we cancelled the rest of the matches.  At noon, on the club’s terrace, we received a buffet lunch, which the players of both teams consumed quietly.  We said our good-byes to our hosts in the early afternoon, then everybody spent the rest of our stay per their own choice.  Fortunately, everbody arrived back home safely and well,


The Monaco club received us with unusual kindness, during and between the matches good and friendly conversations flowed.The hosts were able to field significantly younger players, in large numbers.

Gratitude to the Monaco club

Through this note, I would like to thank the Monaco club for their truly professional hospitality and express special thanks to those unknown persons who provided selfless, quick and expert help to our member, Miklos Vecsei

Budapest, Sept 29, 2018                                      

Istvan Molnar

Team Captain


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