History and Activites of the IC of Hungary

The idea of founding the Hungarian Club has come from Laszlo Grosz  - a retired businessman, Board member of the Tennis Club Racing Paris, member of the IC France and Tamas Hamori, Vice-President and delegate of Hungarian Tennis Federation to European  - TE and International Tennis Federations  - ITF.   Significant encouragement and support were received from key representatives of different partner clubs, such as from R.J. Presley - England, W. Huber - Germany, R.Abdessalam - France, M.Tintore - Spain and Mr. B.Weatherhill the president of the IC Council. The founding ceremony of the club took place on the 14th of September, 1995 in the ballroom of Hotel Inter-Continental, Budapest. 

The following prominent Hungarian tennis players were amongst the founding members of the club: Balazs Taroczy, winner of Wimbledon, Zsuzsa Kormoczy, champion of Roland Garros and Istvan Gulyas, finalist in Roland Garros as well.  Laszlo Grosz was elected by the members as President,  Tamas Hamori as a Vice-President dealing with the international affairs and Miklos Matuska as Honorary Secretary. In the past few years the IC Hungary - being the first Central Eastern Europe club - has became one of the most actíve members of the IC family worldwide: organizing and participating more than 50 club meetings in Hungary and abroad and taking part in the different Council events regularly including IC Week, Colombus Trophy, Potter Cups , 4 Nations Trophy and others.  Our local site is www.iltch.hu in Hungarian language.