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July 2019
Hungarian-Czech IC Meeting

Hungarian-Czech IC Meeting

It gave us a great pleasure being able to host the Czech IC team at the magnificent courts of the Grand Slam Park. For many years we have been meeting at their excellently arranged four nations doubles tournaments held yearly in Prague. Finally now we were able to return something for that hospitality with which they always welcomed us. Excellent weather awaited our guests on all three days.

At the request of our guests we arranged holding the tennis matches on Saturday, thus providing the Czech players and their Partners the Friday and Sunday for sightseeing the city.

On Saturday morning we took the players from the Buda Penta hotel to the location of the match and, after, a morning coffee, the matches followed on two courts.

The members of the Czech ladies team were: Iva Simunkova (58), Yvona Brzakova (62), Olga Merglova (51) and Kamila Albertova (51).

On the Hungarian side, the ladies singles were played by Zsuzsanna Turi, Dr. Edina Magyarosi, Anita Futács and Éva Szerencsés. The matches were all won, without exception, with occasional great exchanges, by the strong Czech visitors.

The Czech team's men singles matches were played by Frantisek Stejskal (36), Ian Vasicka (45), Petr Simunek (62).  The Hungarian opponents were Józef Hegyi (37), Tamás Bibók(47) and Ferenc Román.

In the men's singles, Ferenc Román and Tamás Bibók were able to defeat their Czech opponents.

Afterwards, the two teams enjoyed a good tempered common lunch.  In the afternoon came the turn of the doubles matches, in which Maria Pintér also participated in the colors of the Czech team.

Ferenc Román and Zsuzsa Turi were victorious over the Ian Vasicka and Maria Pintér in mixed doubles.

Balázs Gáspár and Imre Kántor, in a great match, lost to Frantisek Stejskal.

Judit Baliga and dr.Edina Magyarosy suffered defeat from the Yvona Brzakova and Olga Merglova pair.

The András Váry,György Zoltán pair also lost to the Ían Vasicka,Petr Simunek Pair.

Thus,the match was won,by an 8/3 margin,by the visitors

After the conclusion of the meeting we took the guests back to their hotel,where we received   the promise that,hereafter,they would visit us more frequently.

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