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May 2022
Report about the visit of luxemburg team

Report about the visit of luxemburg team

Dear Sporting Companions!

As agreed thru the invitation of our former president,Tamas Hamori,the Luxemburg ILTC club visited us during 25-27 March 2022 for a friendly meeting.

Nine players(8 gentlemen and 1 lady)and three companions arrived.

The teams' matchtook place on Saturday,March 26,at the 4 covered courts of the Grand Slam club at Kapolcs Street.

We tried to put together the Hungarian team so that,insofar as possible,the players would be of similar age and skill as that of our oponents.

We also tried to give playing opportunities to both our old and new ILTC members,and when we could not find suitable age players,we asked for "borrowed" players to represent the Hungarian colors.

The pairings were so successful that the encounter was decided with the last of the 15 played matches.


Matiej Reiter(15 years old)-Kincses Kolozs(15) 4/8

Fabienne Thill-Hegyi Hankó Tilda 6/8

Marco Paolucci-Almási Zoltán 4/8

Charles Berna-Besser Ferenc 8/3

Paul Hofmann-Bibók Tamás 8/5

Claude Welter-Erdei Csaba 6/8

Henri Reiter-Erdei Ferenc 8/4

Pierre Kurt-Gáspár Balázs 3/8

Guy Loos-Molnár István 3/8


Paolucci,Thill-Almasi,Zimonyi  8:1

Berna,M.Reiter-Besser,Kincses 8/5

Hofmann,Welter-Tóth,Bibók 8/5

Thill,Bogár Szabó-Miltényi,Hegyi 4/8

H.Reiter,Kurt-Molnár,Erdei Cs 7/9

Paolucci,Loos-Erdei F,Gáspár 8/4

Thus,the competition was decided by the final ladies doubles match,where the guest player  with the Hungarian Eva Szabo Bogar suffered defeat after a terrific battle with the Miltenyi,Hanko Hegyi pair.Thus,on the basis of the 15 played matches the Hungarian team won 8:7

Standing out amongst the guests was Charles Berna(age 28)who two weeks earlier won the Luxemburg men's championship,as well as the earlier Davis Cup player,Paul Hofman.

From our side,the 15 year old Kolozs Kincses won over the same aged opponent in a terrific match.Most surprisingly,Tilda Hegyi Hanko won over the previously Federation Cup player Fabienne Thill with an outstanding performance.

During the pleasant dinner which followed the match the Hungarian clubgave its "Honorary Membership"to the president of the Luxemburg ILTC club,Pierre Kurtnak,and to its secretary,Henri Reiternek.Similar memberships from the Luxemburg club was given to the ILTC Hungary's vice president,Gyorgy Zoltan and to the club's secretary,Mrs Eva Miltenyi Szerencses.We also received a formal invitation for a return match in Luxemburg,whose timing we shall  soon arrange.

On the following day we took our Luxemburg friends for a tour to Szentendre,which they most enyoyed on a wonderful sunny day.

The ILTCmembership thanks the directors of the Senior Association for their help(bus,STS-system and provision of tennis balls)in the arrangement of the meeting between the teams.A special thanks is due to Bernardet Beothy who gave up her Saturday and Sunday to provide transport for the guests and interpreting.

Prepared by : Gyorgy Zoltan,ILTC vice president

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