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Reception of the Swiss IC Club Delegation

Reception of the Swiss IC Club Delegation

After several cancellations, a six member delegation, led by secretary Michéle Miéville, arrived from Geneva and Zurich, among whom there were three lady players who, even today, are regular tournament competitors. Along with an escort and the by now, 70 year old Andrew Szőcsik, who has been coaching in Zurich for many years but is also a regular member of the Hungarian IC, and now strengthened the visiting team.


The location of the two day match was the recently restored Grand Slam Park Tennis Club, which has 6 excellent red clay tennis courts, a Finnish wood type clubhouse with restaurant, a 20 room hostel, sauna and massage facilities, all available to serve the guests.


We were pleased that several of our members were also able to be present as cheering supporters. The results of the matches, played in beautifully warm, summer weather, were as follows:


April 21st - Saturday

Ladies singles 


Mrs Éva Szabo Bogár vs. Susanne Villaverda  - 6/3,6/4

Éva Szerencsés vs. Patricia Operta - 6/2,6/3

Anna Kántor vs. Pia Frey - 6/1, 4/6, 7/9


Laides Doubles


É. Szerencsés,A. Kántor vs.  S.Villaverda, P.Operta  - 4/6


Men's singles  


Balázs Gáspár- Andrew Szőcsik6/1, 6/1


Mixed Doubles:


Miklos Vécsey,Judit Baliga vs. Andrew Szőcsik,Pia Frey - 0/6


April 22nd - Sunday


Ladies Singles


Anita Futács vs. P.Operta - 2/6, 2/6

Zsuzsa Turi vs. Pia Frey - 7/6, 7/5


Men's Singles:


András Vári vs. Andrew Szőcsik - 7/6, 7/6


Mixed Doubles:


Ferenc Roman,Kati Szeman vs. Andrew Szőcsik,P.Operta - 2/6


Thus the return match from the two year earlier meeting in Geneva and ended now in a just 5:5 tie.  As highlighted by the Hungarian IC club's President, Tamás Hámori, during the formal luncheon, our objective was not the result but the pleasures of the game itself, the creation of new contacts and the deepening of existing friendships.


The guests continually emphasised their appreciation of the preparations and the execution of the match. They particularly thanked the arrangements for all of their travel to the cityplus the help in arranging for their evening programs. The beauty of Budapest amazed them to such an extent that they uniformly indicated they would return for a longer visit.


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